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The new season of SATC is lurking just around the corner and I’ve had a certain redheaded fictional female on my mind. In this blog, I explore how (and why) Miranda Hobbes went from feminist icon to desperate housewife.

The new season of Sex and the City is on the horizon and I’ve had a certain redheaded fictional female on my mind.

Miranda Hobbes has the sexiest characteristics in the city; she’s intelligent, she’s self-sufficient and she’s a Harvard Law Graduate. Growing up, Miranda was someone I respected, admired, and (on occasion) envied. She had her own apartment, a wonderful career, and a loving husband. At least, she had those things, until they were cruelly snatched from her by the SATC movie.

And, as I watched her metaphorical car crash and burn on the cinema screen, I couldn’t help but wonder… what happened to Miranda Hobbes?

Movie Miranda is not the clever, independent, and fulfilled woman we once knew and loved. She is…

About a year ago, I spoke to The Guardian about my experience of attending Durham University (an institution frequently accused of racism, classism, and sexism) as a ‘Durham Local’. My story wasn’t published, but I thought I’d share it anyway.

When I was seventeen, Mum drove me from Durham to Cambridge. We spent the evening in a Premier Inn on the outskirts of the city. The next morning, I put on a smart dress, a pair of scuffed ballet pumps, and a blazer. The entire outfit was black, apart from a tiny patch of white skin, exposed by a hole in my tights. I felt like I was going to a funeral. But I couldn’t stop laughing.

Mum has little patience for my sudden and unpredictable bouts of silliness and hysteria. She swung like a pendulum, laughing with me one…

As I write this, the left side of my face is puffy, my tooth is throbbing, and my mind is addled from three daily doses of industrial-strength antibiotics. I have a severe infection, I need a root canal, and I have never known pain like it.

It’s constant. It’s distracting. It’s debilitating. And it’s forced me to take time away from work.

I haven’t taken a day off work since Christmas. I’ve been run down, burned out, unmotivated, and uninspired. Yet, I couldn’t bring myself to book a day off just for rest. My days off are hoarded and saved…

This week is Mental Health Awareness Week. An increasing number of people are taking to social media to criticise mental health services for offering little more than a cup of tea and a patronising chat. Patients are demanding faster, more tangible interventions. But, is there really a ‘quick fix’ mental illness?

Mental Health Services are the nation’s favourite punching bag.

Social media is currently awash with witty observations about interactions with health care professionals like, ‘have you tried taking a nice bath?’. Such Tweets and TikToks receive hundreds of thousands of likes, suggesting a universal experience of poor quality mental health care.

I understand the sentiment behind such quips. I’ve been there, done that, and have purchased several disappointing t-shirts. I have been let down by mental health services on more than one occasion. Recently, however, the social media outrage with services has taken a slightly strange turn. …

The ever eventful TikTok algorithm has recently served a lot of ‘Pick Me Girl’ (PMG) content.

PMGs stand accused of internalising misogyny. They beg for acceptance, attention and approval from men. PMGs don’t wear make up, they love sports and male company, they’re cool, they’re chill and, mostly importantly, they’re ‘not like other girls’. And, based on this description, I’m a tiny bit worried I’m one of them.

I have a lot of PMG traits. I was branded a ‘tomboy’ from a young age. I have shunned traditionally ‘girly’ interests. I lived in a house with four boys at University…

Why are all women in modern literature city-based writers with anxiety?

The modern fictional female is almost always a writer. She is in (or is approaching) her thirties and lives in London. She miraculously owns a house, or a flat, despite her freelance salary. She has an addiction to social media. She is recently single. Her ex-boyfriend now has a new girlfriend, who is perfect, but plain. She’s not cool and chaotic, like the female protagonist.

“If you put something on social media and no one likes it, do you even exist?” — Emma Jane Unsworth, Adults

Our female protagonist isn’t interested in dating, because she has lots of friends. However…

An unwanted, watchful eye can turn the most mundane moments into terrifying ordeals. Influencers are exposed to unwanted eyes on a daily basis.

An unwanted, watchful eye can turn the most mundane moments into terrifying ordeals.

Singing in the shower is joyful until we notice a shadow behind the curtain. Driving alone at night is peaceful until we see a reflection in the review mirror. Cooking dinner is relaxing until we hear a clattering sound our pots and pans did not cause.

These scenarios are no longer exclusive to horror movies. The industry of influencing has turned the daily lives of normal people into a public spectacle. Consequently, these individuals-turned-influencers are likely living in a constant state of fear.

I recently started an…

Conversations about productivity are currently dominating social media and self-help books. We all want to uncover the source, secrets, and shortcuts of success. But, ultimately, these discussions are pointless at best, and problematic at worst.

Lately, my scheduled morning doom scrolls have become more intense and uninspiring than usual. I have found myself lying in bed, unshowered and bleary-eyed, lazily and hopelessly tapping through hundreds of posts on productivity.

Influencers have been up since five o’clock and want to sell me overpriced organizers (yes, CDG London, I’m talking about you). YouTubers want to share their study techniques. CEO boss babes want to flog me their latest book. Bloggers want to serve me their cute little CANVA tiles, packed full of top tips.

There is an obvious, and uncomfortable, irony present in this content. Social media…

Bethany Carty

25. London. Writing + ranting about pop culture, politics + books. Follow me on Instagram @bethwrotethis

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